Eat Well Together, Succeed Together 

I’m a feeder! I always have been. I love nothing more than having friends and family round for long lazy lunches around my dining table or better still in the garden on a gorgeous summer’s day. Inspired by those Italian family eating scenes we sometimes see on T.V. where three (or four) generations gather to share a leisurely meal, relax, laugh and imbibe, we love emulating such scenes throughout the year with our own nearest and dearest.

I’ve always believed that lunch is the best meal of the day – it’s what spurs you on throughout the morning and with the right ingredients can power you through the afternoon. A tasty, nutritious, balanced lunch has a positive effect on your mood and boosts productivity.

So how about if you could recreate some of those feel good vibes in the office? Well you can – all you need are some colleagues, a little time and some good food. And that’s where we come in. Here at The Chorlton Larder we ask ourselves two questions before putting a dish on the menu: Are the ingredients of top notch quality? Does it taste amazing? Only a yes to both will do.

A couple of our beautiful platters and a selection of our vibrant salads make for a really good sharing meal. Not only are you rewarding and nourishing your team but studies* have shown that teams who eat together perform better together. Workplace commensality allows colleagues to relax and to get to know each other better which in turn strengthens relationships and fosters collaboration.

So get in touch with us and watch the magic happen over lunch.

Cornell University  2015 - Eating Together at The Firehouse